White Collar Defense

There is wide overlap in what attorneys consider to be true “white-collar” crimes. Many would agree that they involve offenses of grader sophistication with purely economic consequences to other. Some would simply say that any professional who finds themselves in trouble with the law falls under the category be default.

Traditional white-collar corporate crimes are acts that do not involve violence. Instead, the perpetrator uses intelligence to steal money or goods from a place of business. Examples of common while-collar corporate crimes are embezzlement, wire fraud, mortgage fraud, counterfeiting, forgery, insurance fraud, racketeering and more. A white-collar crime usually requires representation from an experienced criminal law attorney. A person who receives a conviction for such a crime could end up in jail for many years. The following contains additional information about some common white-collar corporate crimes.


Embezzlement is a crime in which a trusted party mishandles a client’s personal finances or property. The perpetrator uses deceptive methods to take advantage of the client’s funds. An example of a party that could receive an embezzlement charge is a bank teller. A 64-year-old woman in Minnesota was recently charged with embezzlement at Security State Bank. The woman was charged with embezzlement because she allegedly took more than $35,000 from the bank’s vault. Each state has its own laws for embezzlement charges. The Minnesota woman is facing up to 30 years in the state prison. Embezzlement charges that involve property will receive a monetary value from the courts.

Cyber Crimes

Cyber crimes, computer crimes, hacking crimes, can take on many different names and dozens of different charges.  Charged under both Federal and State laws, hacking crimes typically take the form of a handful of ways: Accessing computer information, damaging computer information, stealing computer information, intercepting privileged communications, and interfering communications.  All forms in one way or another may potentially cause financial damages, reputation damages, and even national security damages.  The complexities of cyber offenses may overlap and take on a life of their own when joined with the forensics used to prove the committed acts.

The following are what some would consider “white-collar”, but are in fact traditional criminal defense cases. Nevertheless, are included as an integral practice area for the firm for all persons charged with such offenses:

DUI Charges

Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”) of alcohol or a controlled substance is the equal opportunity crime.  Without ever wishing harm to anyone, a person can be arrested for consuming too much alcohol or being impaired to a measurable degree (by either alcohol or a controlled substance).  Clients sometimes feel ashamed for deciding to drive when it was best not to.

This scientifically heavy area of law hinges on the requirement that your attorney is familiar with the training officer’s receive in making legitimate pull-overs, conducted Field Sobriety Tests, utilizing Beathalizer devices, and lawfully initiated blood-draws. Few know how much work goes into DUI cases due to how common they are these days.  However, taking the time to turn over every stone is the first step in fighting the charges. There is a lot of material available online related to DUI charges, so much so that it can be overwhelming and confusing.  The best way to begin your journey is to discuss your case with an experienced attorney.

Drug Charges

The Defense Lawyer Corporation handles every kind of drug-related case. Any individual, no matter what their background or profession, can be arrested for possessing a controlled substance. Depending on what agency was involved in the arrest, the court you will end up in can determine most of your fate—but not all of it. Knowing the facts of the case is only part of the battle. How the agency conducted their investigation, what transpired at the time of the arrest, and what courtroom will be assigned to prosecute the matter must all be considered.

Having an effective strategy, investigative resources, and extensive knowledge of the playing field are all necessary to secure the best possible result.