“DUI” Charges

It is unfortunate that many people find their first run-in with the criminal justice system through a DUI arrest.  Without wishing any harm to anyone, or intent to steal, the decision to drive a vehicle at the wrong time exposes anyone to an arrest by a local police officer or sheriff’s deputy.

Many things can be said about driving under the influence charges.

First, it is in fact a criminal charge, not a traffic ticket.  Even though a DUI is under the Vehicle Code, it still carries the penalty of heavy fines and jail time.  Traffic offenses are mostly infractions; which are “fine-only” offenses.

Second, courts are becoming increasingly harsh towards multiple offenders–especially in Orange County and other populated metropolitan cities.

Third, DUI cases are highly fact-intensive.  In other words, no two cases are alike.  The reason why you or anyone was pulled-over by an officer in the first place could be over dozens of factors.  Whether those reasons will hold up in court is a matter of time and investigation.  The amount of alcohol or substance in your system affects everyone differently (due to age, weight, tolerance, and medical conditions).  The officer who may have investigated you may have administered the chemical test technology without using traffic safety’s “best practices”.  This list goes on.

Regardless of the reasons behind the arrest or the legitimacy of the findings–you always want to get the input of an experienced attorney.  A great deal of people walk through court everyday without an attorney and give up defenses they never knew they had.  It’s always best to make sure that you receive the best representation and ensure every stone was turned over before making a serious decision on a DUI case.