Criminal Record Privacy

Publication of obsolete criminal records

In a digital age where information can be obtained in countless ways, there are some things that still hold some sanctity.  For many, a criminal record ranks at the top of someone’s most embarrassing personal memories–and should be protected from unnecessary public disclosure whenever possible.

US and state privacy laws understand the dichotomy of “public records” and that which is outdated in the justice system.  Therefore, when sophisticated background checks go too far, privacy laws are put in place to provide remedy for what some call informational injuries.

But the complexity of privacy and criminal records should not be overstated.  The interplay between state repositories, vendor-based data aggregation practices, and wholesale data warehousing of consumer information all create a hotbed of legal pitfalls.  Bart Kaspero has worked tirelessly in his career in criminal defense, civil rights, and digital privacy to provide rapid fire solutions for his clients in this overwhelming ecosystem.