Bart Kaspero

Bart Kaspero is a Superior Court and Federal District Court attorney that has built a reputation for his diligence in trial and delivering results that exceed his clients’ expectations.

He has achieved multiple recognitions by Super Lawyers magazine earning the Rising Star designation for the 2009, 2010, 201320142015 and 2016 selections.

Kaspero has also proudly earned a place among the National Trial Lawyers “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” roster for 2014 and 2015 and enjoys the highest possible rating of 10.0 by AVVO Lawyer Rating service for Civil Rights and Criminal Defense, as well as “Top Contributor” for both practice areas.  He also holds a place under the Nation’s Top One Percent through the National Association of Distinguished Counsel.

Education and Background

Kaspero’s journey into law began early in his undergraduate years as he prepared for the courtroom through the world of clinical psychology.  Studying human memory, personality theory, and social dynamics, he gained a valuable insight into the human mind and what motivates individual behavior.  There he began in independent research study into federal programs that were facing scrutiny for choosing alternative medicine treatment that risked grant terminations and disapproval from the public.  Graduating with Cum Laude honors, Kaspero entered Chapman Universities’ school of law.

It did not take long for Kaspero to jump into the litigation courses offered at his law school.  Within his first year he was selected to join the highly competitive Moot Court Honors Board in appellate advocacy.  He also took keen interest in the Advanced Trial Practice seminar taught by notable US Attorneys.

Superior Courts and Local Governments

At the same time, Kaspero found the opportunity to work with a handful of local Superior Court judges through the school’s legal externship program.  He was given the rare opportunity to assist judges with tentative rulings, observe countless hours of jury trials, and discover the subtle differences between great litigators as seen through the eyes of sitting judges.

Eventually, Kaspero jumped at the opportunity to work with the Newport Beach City Attorney’s Office in his last year just prior to sitting for the California State Bar Examination.  There, he researched and drafted First Amendment municipal policy language, dissected and helped amend the city’s harbor regulations, and absorbed the priceless experience of learning from one of Orange County’s most prestigious and cutting-edge communities.

Criminal and White-Collar Defense

Kaspero owes his true familiarity with the courtroom to his years as a state appointed attorney.  There, he made split-second decisions that would affect his clients’ lives on a daily basis while counseling individuals as who suffered from substance and alcohol abuse.  The position had a profound effect on his abilities as well as on his perspective of the justice system and what is required to secure victory in the courtroom.

When the Defense Lawyer Corporation was first established, Kaspero’s clientele included business owners, licensed professionals, as well as a handful of notable elected officials.  Taking on the challenges of defending individuals for white-collar offenses also brought about the challenge of facing administrative actions by licensing agencies and regulatory authorities.  This gave Kaspero a full-spectrum understanding of the consequences entailed in any investigation into illegal activity.

Federal Civil Rights Litigation

Kaspero also expanded the firm’s practice area into federal civil rights litigation to counterbalance the turmoil that came with abuses by enforcement agencies against individuals and businesses.  As the most effective recourse to respond to misguided or overly-aggressive government investigations, Kaspero took on the challenge to bring federal civil rights claims against various County and City agencies for misapplying investigative tactics against citizens—which tragically can turn suspects into victims.

By virtue of his experiences with the City Attorney’s office as well as dealing with many Chief’s of Police throughout Southern California, Kaspero has attained a reverence for good police practices and a deep respect for the departments that set their standards above and beyond what is typically required.  Rightfully, he was both moved and inspired by the career and legacy of the late Chief Mitch Waller—who left a deep impact on Kaspero right up his sudden and untimely passing.

Consumer Advocacy

Taking upon himself the need to protect the reputations of his clients beyond the courthouse, Kaspero became concerned with the abuses of commercial powers over individuals.  These concerns have led him to the forefront of several developing practice areas in consumer rights litigation.

Using cutting-edge techniques in an instantaneous digital environment, Kaspero strives to stay ahead of the changing landscape to provide cost-cutting legal services without sacrificing diligence or effective legal advocacy.