About Us

Firm Overview

The Defense Lawyer Corporation enjoys a celebrated history of victories in the courtroom as well as professional services that guide clients through complex legal landscapes.  Understanding that not all legal battles require the investment into engaging in “legal warfare”, the firm aims to lead clients to the results they seek with cost and efficiency.

Roots in Litigation

The firm’s beginning took full advantage of founder’s and lead attorney, Bart Kaspero’s extensive experience in the courtroom.  His passion for jury trials catapulted him to defend individuals and businesses that faced public offenses and severe regulatory violations.  Kaspero’s notable clientele included small to large business owners, medical professionals, attorneys, and local elected officials.

Expanding into Civil Rights Federal Litigation

After diligently investigating the offenses brought against Kaspero’s various clientele, periodic constitutional and civil rights related violations surfaced over time.  Naturally, the firm expanded into plaintiff litigation and sought restitution against the public entities involved (municipal and county) for the alleged abuses and misconduct.

Consumer Advocacy Against Privacy Violations

The information age has created a swarm of countless violations to individuals’ privacy.  This is a particularly sensitive area of concern for those who have had the unfortunate experience of an arrest, charge, or conviction in their past.  The firm takes a highly methodical approach in understanding the complexities of abusive practices among data aggregators and primary/reseller liability.

The Secret to the Firm’s Results

Defense Lawyer Corp. saves clients costs by hand-selecting legal professionals who possess exceptional talent in their field.  This allows the firm to navigate quickly without the burden of generating excessive fees for critical decisions.

In some cases, an entire case can and will be won on a single legal issue that requires extraordinary resources and focus.  To accomplish this, legal professionals take on several roles in these instances: Researcher, Legal Analyst, Writer, Investigator, Advocate, Representative, Etc.

Streamlined Advocacy

The business of law requires law firms to navigate quickly without producing excessive waste in the process.  The firm commits itself to making the legal process as convenient and efficient as possible.

This is why Case Analysis is critical to making the first step in representation as meaningful as possible.  Clients that seek the services of Defense Lawyer Corp. are urged to utilize this feature for a more streamlined experience.